Minnesota 2016 Home and Patio Show

What I anticipated: Vendors. Beautiful displays. Great ideas. 

What I did not anticipate: The inability to park remotely close to the RiverCentre. My well thought out plan to park in the ramp evaporated as I drove around reading 'LOT FULL' signs.

Yes, it took me over an hour to find a space and yes, I did have to walk several blocks from my car to the RiverCentre. I lived. Likely the extra walking didn't hurt me any. Apparently I was competing with all of the attendees for the Girls State Hockey Tournament. Pretty exciting stuff. 

I wasn't disappointed with several of the lovely displays I viewed at the Minnesota Home and Patio show last weekend. I visited with many of the vendors and discovered new ideas I would like to try for my own home. I managed to take a few photos to share some of my favorite displays with you.

A shout out to Superior Landscape. Of all the displays I viewed and walked through, theirs was definitely in my opinion, the best one there. I loved it, and I would have no issue whatsoever with them relocating it to my backyard A.S.A.P..

Superior Landscape

Superior Landscape

Yes please. Just all of it. The fact that I have those accent pillows on my front porch has to be a sign. I "need" this. 

Last Spring I watched as Superior Landscape brought one of my neighbors yards to life. They did a fantastic job.

Superior Landscape

Superior Landscape

I wish I had taken more photos. They had live trees and plants, the patio and walkways were lovely. It was well thought out with great detail in every piece. They thought of everything from lighting to sound, I even spotted a beer tap. They certainly took care of getting some great ideas out there for quality backyard living spaces. Look them up on Facebook. They have photos of all their displays. Just. Beautiful.

Moon Light Illumination.

Moon Light Illumination.

One of the newer products I spotted was an outdoor subwoofer. Now, I have a couple of outdoor speakers on my deck, but this was genius. Obviously, the yellow box goes underground in your landscaped bed with the "mushroom" popping up for sound.

A few more displays from other landscaping vendors. 

I expected to see cabinets, windows, hot tubs, three and four season porches, out door furniture, and even bathroom fixtures. What completely caught me off guard was the painted commodes. i.e. toilets. I did not ask for pricing, but as I took the photo I caught a couple of laughs from other vendors. "What? You're taking a picture of that?!?"

"Oh, yeah." I replied. "This is going on the blog."

From what I gather the artist used to paint motorcycles. I really do love the bathtub. 

My final set of photos to share with you is not only a favorite, but it's an item I am hoping to install in my house. My initial interest in the product was for the basement I need to finish. However, after viewing these multiple times during my visit, I've decided one would be absolutely stunning in my master suite. Just above one end of my bathtub and visible at the end of my bed. Wouldn't that be cozy? 

It was difficult to take a photo with my phone without the glare of the glass. The inside of the white one was decorated with clear glass stones and the colored light could be turned on, off, or color changed with a remote. The photos do not do them justice at all. But, I had to share them. They were beautiful.

I enjoyed the show and the vendors I met. There was enough to keep you busy for several hours and a decent variety of vendors, not to mention the walk back to my car was filled with sunshine. 

This upcoming weekend is the opening for the next Home and Garden show. The Minneapolis Home and Garden Show begins this Friday.  I simply cannot wait, I have tickets to attend March fifth, and hopefully I will be able to see the Property Brothers. I say that with practiced calmness. I've repeated it enough that I can now suppress my squeals of excitement.