Memorial Weekend and The American Dream

Whether you live in a two story house with a white picket fence surrounded by a hedge of flowers, a large modern townhouse with all the amenities, a million dollar spread, or a home passed down for generations: you are living the "American Dream". 

We often purchase and sell homes like wardrobes that go out of style and it's easy to forget the privilege we hold. We live in a country where it's easy to become a homeowner. A possessor of land. 

It's forgotten how the land was once settled by pioneers before us. Their sweat, blood, and tears of passing through land on foot has been replaced by our moving trucks on paved roads and streets. The ease of the move although we complain with every box we pack and unpack, has become a common transition in our lives. Common enough but not without pride of ownership. 

We now often move for better jobs, we upgrade square footage, and finishes. We build, we plan, and continue to dream. 

Our dreams flourish because of the fallen and the brave. Those who fought on our behalf that we might go on to embrace and live the dreams of those who walked, planted, and built before us. 

We are safe. 

We are free. 

We are home. 

This weekend whether you are firing up the grill, opening the cabin, or relaxing on the front porch... Remember those who gave their lives for a country built upon the courage to dream.